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Introduction to Face Yoga
60 minutes

In this 1:1 introduction to Face Yoga, via Zoom, Nicole will guide you through the Upper and Lower Face Yoga Workout so you can begin a full facial program to continue at home. As a certified Face Yoga Instructor of The Danielle Collins Face Yoga Method, Nicole will provide tips, techniques and advice to guide you in a fun, relaxing environment. 

This is a wonderful introduction on how Face Yoga can help you diminish lines and wrinkles, increase facial tone, improve blood flow to the face, minimize the signs of aging, and reduce stress if practiced regularly. All you need are clean hands and a glass of water and you are ready to begin!

Session is recorded and will be emailed to download after consultation. 

$67 | 60 minutes


"The facial yoga class I took was amazing! My face, jaw, and neck felt fantastic afterwards. My instructor was knowledgable, well spoken, and gave many suggestions of things I could implement into my daily routine. I would definitely recommend this class."

-Diane J.

"Nicole is beautiful inside and out, and an absolute joy to do face yoga with on a regular basis. You definitely won't regret booking and spending time with her learning the face yoga techniques in a very warm and fun environment."

-Joann F.

"Thank you for leading us in this educational face yoga journey! I’ve truly enjoyed the class and our time together. 

You were very helpful in explaining the “why” behind each exercise. I felt the class went at a perfect pace and the way you put together the 6 sessions laid an excellent foundation to equip us all for success.

Thank you! 

This is a perfect support to the new habits I am establishing in 2021. I appreciate the time and effort you put into the class."

-Jackie B.

"I took the class a few weeks ago- it was awesome and I will definitely continue in the future! So fun!"

-Amy Y.